Man allegedly stabbed to death in Paris by a stranger

Known only as Daniel, the 20 year old was allegedly stabbed to death by a stranger he met


A young man has allegedly been murdered by a stranger in Paris.

Known only as Daniel, the 20 year old was travelling from Châtelet to Villejuif in the French capital with a friend called Fred and the two friends met another man and invited him back to their apartment, according to a fundraising page.

When they got to the apartment, Fred was stabbed by the stranger while Daniel was in the room talking on the phone.

The man then attacked Daniel who tried to escape through the window but was stabbed in his internal organs.

His body was found on the street.

Close friend Nicolas Joubier wrote: “Daniel was the embodiment of ‘joie de vivre’. Provoking and extreme he didn’t hide his feminine side but loved to play around with it to feel alive.

“Often criticized for being ‘too’ something (too feminine, too exuberant or too vulgar), he stuck out also for being very kind, funny and festive.”

Daniel’s murder has raised concerns in the LGBTQ community in Paris and organisation Stop Homophobie urged people to stay cautious.

The wrote: “It is necessary to urge you, always and always, to have the greatest vigilance when you meet strangers, especially if you are in a altered state (alcohol, drugs, extreme fatigue).

Stay in regular contact with a loved one who you can contact, and if they do not hear from you (can check in).

“Ambushes have become new fashionable games. Let’s be vigilant.

“Daniel, you will be missed a lot. Rest in peace wherever you are, keep on having fun as you knew how to do it so well.”