Man and brother attacked by 'bloodthirsty' homophobes in Queensland, Australia

They both suffered fractured ribs and swollen eyes following the attack


Words: Steve Brown

A man has vowed never to return to Queensland, Australia, after he and his brother were brutally attacked at a Gold Coast shopping centre.

The victim, who has been named as Joshua, was visiting family when he and his teenage brother were targeted by a group of thugs at a shopping centre on Tuesday (September 17).

Earlier in the day, the same group yelled homophobic slurs and attacked the pair on a bus before ‘hunting’ them down in the shopping centre.

Joshua claimed the attacked called them ‘fucking f*****s’ and ‘gay *****’.

Later in the afternoon, the group of about 10 teenagers attacked them again. Joshua suffered broken ribs and a swollen face after the attack.

His younger brother suffered fractured ribs, a swollen eye and split lip.

On Wednesday (September 18), police charged two teenagers – one 15 and one 18 - from Upper Coomera in relation to the attack.

Police are still searching for the other suspects.

Joshua told the Gold Coast Bulletin following the attack: “It’s just horrible. It’s cruel. It was completely unwarranted, it’s just brutal violence. It’s a hate crime.

“I feel like I can’t go back to Queensland [anymore]. It’s shaken me. I feel like me being gay, that I have put [my brother] in danger. It wasn’t once but twice. I have a lot of guilt.”

The victim claimed the attackers only stopped when a security guard rushed over.

Joshua added: “They were bloodthirsty… The first time was very traumatic but the second time they hunted us down.

“We didn’t even get the chance to stand up from the table and defend ourselves. They kept stomping on us. It was relentless.”