Man arrested after writing homophobic note and shoving it down a restaurant manager's blouse

Frederic Smith left the Florida restaurant and left a $0 tip


Words: Steve Brown

A man has been arrested after writing a homophobic message on a restaurant receipt then shoving it down the manager’s blouse.

When Frederic Smith, 62, left the Milagro On 12 Latin Kitchen, in Florida, he left a $0 tip for the waiter and wrote a note saying, ‘if he wasn’t gay’.

The waiter then showed the note to his manager who confronted Smith in the parking lot and asked him if he was serious when he wrote the note.

Smith reportedly snatched the note and said ‘Hell yes’. He then ripped up the note and shoved it down the front of her shirt.

Police say Smith left in his car after the manager accused him of assault. After witnesses provided a description of Smith, they were able to track him down within an hour.

When asked about the incident, he reportedly said: “I can say whatever I want, to whoever I want.”

He was arrested and charged with simple battery and the bond was set at $500.