Criminal hands locked in handcuffs. Close-up view

Man arrested for stabbing boyfriend who refused to have sex with him in India

The couple had been together for a couple of years according to police before the incident


A man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his partner who refused to have sex with him.

The 23-year-old man visited his 46-year-old boyfriend in his home in Pune, India, and the couple had sex but in the morning they started fighting because the younger man wanted to have sex again but his partner refused, according to NDTV.

A Pune city police officer said: “Both men were in a relationship for the last couple of years.

“On Tuesday night, the accused visited the complainant and they had sex. When the complainant again wanted to have sex in the morning, the accused refused, which led to a fight.”

During the fight, the man allegedly stabbed his partner with a sharp-edged weapon.

A case of attempt to murder under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered against him.

His partner is now recovering in hospital.