Man charged with beheading his roommate who made a sexual advance towards him

John Dickinson has been charged with murdering Kevin Thompson


A man is facing life in prison for allegedly chopping off his roommate’s head for making a sexual advance.

John Dickinson, 42, from Pennsylvania, has been charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse after he was accused of killing 46 year old Kevin Thompson.

Thompson was reported missing to the police by his mother and she asked them to go to his home in Carrick.

There officers found dried blood all over the kitchen and on the walls leading up to his bedroom, according to KDKA-TV.

Police reported they could smell a strong odour coming from the shed in the back garden and they noticed flies landing on a bag of dog food inside.

There they found a bag full of blood and what they believed to be human remains. They also found a human torso wrapped in two bags in the basement.

Back in the shed, they also found several plastic bags containing various limbs and a severed head which was confirmed to belong to the victim.

Thompson died from blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds to the chest and officials say the murder happened sometime between May 27 and 29.

Kevin Thompson

The two men got into a fight with each other after Thompson tried to make a sexual advance towards Dickinson.

Dickinson was reported to the police after he told a witness that he was the one responsible for the death of Thompson after watching a news report.

The witness also said he found a notebook which stated: “This is John Dickinson. I am responsible for the death of Kevin Thompson.

“I had no help whatsoever.”

Richard Brazell, the half-brother of the accused killer and beheader, said Dickinson spent his childhood in a foster home.

“I mean, he’s not… to us, we don’t know him as a murderer. He’s our brother,” Brazell added.

“I don’t know [what happened]. I just know we lost our older brother, Chuck, a few months ago, to a heroin overdose.

“That was his closest person. Losing him may have triggered something that sparked this violent outburst. I just hopes everything works out for all the parties involved.”