Man charged with second-degree attempted murder in Brooklyn after stabbing man during homophobic hate crime

Emmanuel Dash severed Neil Ramin's vertebral artery during the attack


Words: Steve Brown

A man has been charged with second-degree attempted murder after stabbing a transgender person’s boyfriend in the back of his neck.

Emmanuel Dash – from Brooklyn - was arraigned on Wednesday (August 28) after he allegedly yelled at Diamond Lopez and Neil Ramin that he was trying to stab their ‘f****t ass’ while lunging at them with a knife outside Lopez’s home in Malcolm X Boulevard.

Dash reportedly harassed the couple back in June outside the apartment block  but when the couple managed to get inside, the attacker knocked on various doors trying to find them, the New York Post reported.

When he got to Lopez’s door he reportedly said: “I’m glad I know where you live because I don’t like gay people.”

When Lopez opened the door, Dash was stood holding a knife and when Ramin tried to fight him, the knife was plunged into his neck, leaving a six-inch stab wound and partially severed his vertebral artery.

The attacker was arrested in July and he pleaded not guilty to the charges and is due to be back in court on October 23.

Attorney Terence Sweeney said: “He vehemently denies the charges and he looks forward to his day in court where he can be vindicated.”

He was arraigned on 25 counts including several hate crimes and is being held on Rikers Island on a $40,000 bail.