Man denies attempting to murder another man who shouted homophobic abuse

Aaron McDonald is on trial for deliberately running over another man in Manchester


A driver has denied attempting to murder a man who shouted homophobic abuse in Manchester’s Gay Village.

Aaron McDonald, 31, accepted driving the car which hit a 25-year-old man but is reportedly set to claim it was an accident, according to the Manchester Evening News.

During the trial, Manchester Crown Court heard that McDonald had been out in the Gay Village with a friend and while walking through the city, he got involved in an altercation with the victim.

The jury heard McDonald overheard the man call a woman a “stupid slut” and he intervened saying, “There’s no need for that”.

The man then hit and kicked out McDonald and called him a “f****t boy”, the court heard.

McDonald said he then got into his car to get away from the situation and in a “state of panic” he “drove off at speed”.

While driving away, he stopped behind a taxi which was letting pedestrians cross.

CCTV footage showed him accelerating and driving around the car before hitting the same man he argued with earlier.

The man was thrown up the windscreen – which was smashed – and McDonald applied the brakes causing the man to fall to the ground.

McDonald then drove over the man, the court heard.

Sara Haque, prosecutor, said: “Instead of stopping, the defendant continued forward, running the victim over.”

After driving a short distance, he stopped and walked home on foot but when he was arrested he admitted he knew why.

He allegedly said: “I know why you are here. I know what I have done.”

McDonald told police he wasn’t drunk despite having a few drinks that night and admitted he drank the best part of a bottle of wine after the incident.

Ms Haque continued: “The Crown say that the defendant mowed down the alleged victim in this case.

“He mowed him down with his car following an altercation with him, and in doing so intended to kill him.”

McDonald denies attempted murder and an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.