Man facing five years in prison for performing oral sex on man who passed out in the street

A man has been arrested for performing oral sex on an unconscious stranger. The incident happened in China this week, and was recorded entirely on CCTV. The victim woke up on a park bench after a heavy night of drinking with his jeans undone and his wallet stolen. He headed straight to the police station to make a report, and authorities rushed to check security cameras in the area to find out what had happened to his belongings. Shockingly, they discovered that a man had approached the victim while he was sleeping, waited until passersby had left, before opening up the victim's jeans while he laid unconscious. He then ended up performing oral sex on the victim for a number of minutes, before running away with his phone and wallet. The 20-something perpetrator, who was staying at a nearby hotel, was later identified by police and arrested. He also reportedly confessed to keeping hold of the victim's wallet to "remember him by". He's currently in custody, and could face up to five years in prison if found guilty.