Man fears for his life after Home Office threaten to deport him to Bangladesh claiming his homosexuality is 'vague'

The penalty for homosexuality in Bangladesh is up to 10 years hard labour or life imprisonment


Words: Steve Brown

A man is fearing his life after the UK Home Office have threatened to deport him back to Bangladesh because his homosexuality is ‘vague’.

According to the Worcester News, the man – who wished to remain anonymous – was asked how often he had sex and to describe what men’s ‘body parts’ looked like.

After the interview, his asylum claim was rejected by the Home Office on the grounds that his sexuality is ‘vague’.

Now the man faces deportation back to Bangladesh where the penalty for homosexuality is up to 10 years hard labour or even life imprisonment.

He told the paper: “You should not have to explain why you are part of the LGBT community.

“No one should have to explain who they are or who they sleep with. No one should have to disclose explicit and sexual details to prove they are a gay man.

“There are many LGBT+ individuals, whom are asexual.”

His appeal will be heard in January but if unsuccessful he will be deported to Bangladesh.