Man filmed sat outside neighbour's home holding homophobic sign

Matt Sherman was recorded holding the sign claiming his neighbour has Aids and hates America


A man has been filmed sat outside his neighbour’s house with a homophobic sign following an argument on an app.

The man – who has been identified as Trump supporter Matt Sherman – was filmed by his neighbour sat in a deckchair outside his neighbour’s house waving a homemade sign that read: “A gay Asian with Aids who hates America and fireworks lives here!”

On the other side of the sign there was another message which read: “A butt hurt Trump hater lives here, who’s the keyboard warrior now?”

It’s not known why Sherman – who still lives with his parents - decided to create the homophobic and racist signs but Orlando Weekly report the argument started on the NextDoor app.

The publication also says it’s illegal in the City of Orlando to directly target someone by picketing their residence.

The targeted neighbour – who was unidentified – recorded Sherman and posted the video on Facebook.

Watch the video below: