Man gets revenge on homophobes in the best possible way

Nick Hurley was called a 'f****t' as he walked to his home in Manchester


A man who was subjected to homophobic abuse got his revenge in the best possible way.

Nick Hurley, 27, was making his way home in Manchester city centre with bags of glitter when he was called a “f****t” by passengers in a passing car, the Manchester Evening News reported.

However, he was able to get his revenge when the car stopped at a set of traffic lights by emptying a tube of glitter through the passenger window.

He then took to Twitter to share his story and said: "If you think it’s okay to shout “faggot” at me out of your car window while you drive past, then I think it’s okay for me to empty a tube of glitter through that window when you stop at the traffic lights.

"Your casual homophobia has supergay consequences."

He told the MEN: “In a moment of creative frenzy I realised I had a bag full of glitter.

“I opened one tube and reached inside the window. I thought, ‘This might be a bad thing to do’, and launched the tube of glitter in the passenger window.

“The traffic lights changed and the guys in the car looked flummoxed, as if to say, ‘Did that really happen?’

“I have had death threats, a glass bottle thrown at me, a brick thrown at my house, all of these things have happened in Manchester.

“I have been thrown off my bike while cycling to work. This isn’t the most horrific crime that has happened to me, but I wanted to raise awareness – in a funny way.”