Man in leather thong filmed fighting pink-haired man at Long Beach Pride Festival

The fight was filmed outside the Latin tent and went on for around two minutes


A fight between a pink-haired man and a leather thong-clad man was filmed at Long Beach Pride Festival.

The bizarre fight was filmed by a festival-goer who couldn’t believe what she saw as the two men wrestled with each other on the ground before a third man joins in by repeatedly punching the pink-haired man.

As the fight intensifies, another festival-goer takes on the same man who tries to punch him back before his shorts fall down revealing a leather thong.

Passersby were seen trying to break up the fight at the California pride festival but it’s only when an on-site security guard intervenes that the fight stops.

Although the reason for the fight is not known, the woman who filmed it couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

She told the Daily Mail: “We were walking away from the Latin tent when there was a loud thud and we saw arms swinging.

“My jaw dropped when I realised it was a fight. There were these grown men and one had pink hair and when I got closer, I saw someone’s butt hanging out.

“Then I saw this guy was wearing a thong and there was another gentleman pushing this guy who had the thong – he wasn’t wearing much of anything.

“He looked like he was going to crack his neck into the van. Then someone said, ‘I gave you a ride bitch!’

“It was the funniest thing because to get there and park is a hassle and to get an Uber or a Lyft is a hassle too.

“People were trying to separate them and pull them apart. I saw one person get punched in the face several times in a row.

“You would have thought the guys would have been seeing stars by the time it was done but there were so amped up that they just kept going.”