Man in long-distance relationship surprises his boyfriend with adorable anniversary video - WATCH

The couple are celebrating their one-year anniversary.


A gay man who surprised his boyfriend with a one year anniversary video has gone viral. 

Andrew McLaughlin, 21, surprised his partner with a video celebrating the milestone, and while this may be a normal feat for most couples, the two men actually live on opposite sides of the world. 

The video tells the story of Andrew, from Dublin, and Jeremy, 22, from Australia, and uses footage they've captured from visiting different cities and countries over the last year just to spend time with one another. 

Jeremy was visiting Europe when he first met Andrew at a Dublin bar. The pair kicked it off immediately, but Jeremy left Ireland the next day. Soon after, Andrew booked a flight to meet Jeremy at his final destination in Berlin and the pair spent a day together before he flew back to Australia. 

While the pair thought their brief relationship would come to an end, Jeremy found himself in Europe again and Andrew made sure to visit him. This time, however, the pair spent five days together, and it was enough to convince them to attempt a long distance relationship. 

Since then, they've travelled to 14 different cities, visited five countries, spent 192 hours on a plane and 68 hours on a train, all just to see each other. 

To celebrate, Andrew secretly worked on a video of their travels for a year and surprised Jeremy with with it this week.

Andrew said: "Everytime we see each other, there's a whirlwind of emotion, with ecstatic hellos, but heart-wrenching goodbyes. We've been through it all six times now, and the seperation never gets easier, but we can't wait to do it again." 

You can follow the couple's sweet journey on Andrew and Jeremy's Instagram pages.

To check out Jeremy's reaction to the video, watch below: