Man shares pictures of shocking Grindr racism in wake of Paris attacks

As the world comes to terms with last week's terrorist atrocity in Paris, in which at least 129 people tragically lost their lives at the hands of extremists associated with so-called Islamic State, one Lebanese man has shared his experience of the racist backlash he's already received on Grindr in the wake of the attacks. Anthony Magallanaz, a 22-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, shared his story with Gay Star News, after a fellow user sent him a slew of abusive messages calling his an "ISIS motherfucker" and a "dirty sand n***er", after threatening to "kick [his] ass all the way back to Iraq". feat grindrnew Anthony says the abuse came simply because he had some Arabic song lyrics by Fairouz, a Lebanese singer, on his profile. "At first I thought it as a joke, but one in bad taste, so I asked for clarification and it became clear to me that he only wanted to be hateful, so that’s when I stopped taking him seriously," he said. "At the same time, I tried to be light-hearted with him and show that, “Yeah, I’m Muslim, but am I the one being aggressive here?" Check out the exchange below (language warning): Grindr_Islamophobia_1 Grindr_Islamophobia_2 More stories: Zayn Malik talks One Direction gay rumours with Fader Pics | Latest AHS: Hotel episode is a feast of male nudity