Man viciously beaten after being lured to park on Grindr

The man arranged to meet with another profile before a group of men attacked him


A man was viciously attacked by a group of men after being lured to a park on Grindr.

The 28-year-old man arranged to meet up with another profile on the gay hook-up app but when he arrived at the location, he was baited to Bennett Park, in Perth, Out in Perth reported.

A group of men were waiting at the park and attacked him calling him a “paedo” and abusing him with homophobic slurs while beating him.

The victim was left with bruises, a black eye and possible facial fractures before luckily managing to escape.

The attackers tried to take his wallet and phone but he was able to get back to his car and leave without them being stolen.

This isn’t the first time a man was lured to public places using Grindr and last year two men pleaded guilty places using the app and assaulted them.

The ringleader, James Joseph Katchan, claimed he was a vigilante with a view to “guard the area from f*****s and paedophiles”.

Katchan was jailed for six years over the assaults – four of which occurred over 10 days and one involved a man being beaten with a baseball bat.

Another Canberra teenager was also jailed for his role in a scam where he baited men using Grindr and attempted to extort money from them, leading to one victim committing suicide.