Manchester United face homophobic backlash from fans after tweeting support for Pride

Manchester United has faced homophobic backlash after tweeting support for its home city's annual gay pride event. The Premier League football club was inundated with anti-gay remarks on Twitter on Saturday after tweeting a message of support for Manchester Pride ahead of Saturday's parade through the city. Sharing a picture of Canal Street in the heart of Manchester's gay village, the club wrote: "We hope everyone attending @ManchesterPride has a great time!" However, the tweet was soon jumped on by homophobic fans unhappy with the club's public show of support for LGBT+ equality. "why post these things does it have anything to do with football, football is for real man not a bnch of homos," one Twitter user wrote. "Disease carriers. Silent terrorism," added another. The level of hate on display showed how football has to go to tackle homophobia in the gay, and comes just weeks after Atlético Madrid player Antoine Griezmann said that gay players remain “afraid” to come out, despite increased efforts to promote tolerance and diversity in the sport. Thankfully other users leapt to the club's defence, challenging the anti-gay brigade over their bigoted stance and fighting back against their hatred with pictures of men kissing. Meanwhile, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has said he would have no problem welcoming an openly gay player to the highest ranks of football. During an appearance at Uefa’s respect campaign in Monaco this week, the French international player was asked whether a gay player would be welcome in the Premier League. "What he does in his private life has nothing to do with the player. You just have to respect him. Because he respects you, you respect him," the 24-year-old. "That’s it." More stories: X Factor’s Freddy Parker leaves little to the imagination in see-through swim shorts Kylie and Dannii Minogue urge Australians to back same-sex marriage ahead of historic vote