Manchester United fans react angrily to the club supporting Manchester Pride on Instagram

The world of football can be quite hostile to LGBT people. Just this week LA Galaxy's Robbie Rogers was the victim of on-pitch homophobia; so Man United's Instagram post in support of this weekend's Manchester Pride celebrations was a welcomed show of solidarity from the club. IMG_7635 However the sentiment was slightly soured by a number of fans and users complaining about the club's support in the post's comments. One user described the post as "disturbing", while another defended the club, saying "I'm Muslim and I don't care if someone is gay, I don't get butthurt as long as that person is happy and isn't hurting anyone". One particularly offended fan wrote "Stop promoting your own personal agendas on this FOOTBALL page. The administrator on this page should be replaced. And before the homo-brigade attack, l don't give a damn about your gay pride, just like l don't give a damn about American politics. What do they have to with football? What I do take offence with is you lobbyists shoving it down our throats. Set up a page to promote your views and not on this football clubs page because that's not what some of us come here to see". Well if he doesn't like it being shoved down his throat, he better keep out of Manchester this weekend.