Mariah Carey is getting her own reality show

Brace yourselves everybody: Mariah Carey has landed her very own reality TV show. The five-time Grammy winner and fully certified diva is no stranger to reality television, having served as a judge on American Idol for its 12th season (where she famously feuded with Nicki Minaj and later called it 'the worst experience of her career'), but this time all focus will be on Mariah – and it's set to be explosive. With a rumoured title of Mariah's World, the show is set to follow the Elusive Chanteuse and her crew during her Las Vegas residency and her European tour, and viewers can surely expect plenty of diva moments and a look into the more personal side of the singer. Mariah has also been busy planning her wedding to Fiancé James Packer, so wedding-related drama is undoubtedly in the pipeline too.. Fans of the singer will no doubt remember her iconic episode of MTV's Cribs back in 2002, where working out in four-inch heels heels and having a chaise long in her kitchen were just some of the highlights - check out our recap of every incredible moment here. The show is set to air on the E! Network – home of the Kardashians, but with no release date yet announced fans will have to keep a close eye on the singers social media to hear any news. tumblr_mr2do2cywp1sba90go1_500 Words: Bradd-Aaron Farnsworth More stories: Mariah Carey asked to sing with journalist, incredible awkwardness ensues Mariah Carey's 20 Most Amazing Moments