Markus Feehily: 'The moment I came out to my Westlife bandmates'

It’s been ten years since Mark Feehily famously came out and eight since he proudly graced the cover of Attitude with then-boyfriend Kevin McDaid, but it’s only now in 2015, that he is finally ready to unveil Mark – or to call him by his real name - Markus Feehily, 2.0. In an interview in the new issue of Attitude, Markus talks about the Westlife years, the hard times afterwards, and re-emerging anew as a solo artist. In this excerpt, he talks about what it was like to come out to his other band members, all those years ago... Mark Feehily_0080 I know it’s a long time since you came out, did you find it easy telling the boys? I didn’t tell the lads for a long time. I think I told them a year before I went public. Up until that point I think they kind of knew there was something going on but it was never mentioned and I wouldn’t express it. How did you tell them? Brian got me drunk – not that he had to try hard – and he dragged it out of me kicking and screaming. Then I told Shane and Nicky – once again alcohol was involved. Same with Kian. My family was fine. Obviously it’s not the same for everyone but you do build things up in your mind, you think the worst things, that you’ll be disowned. But I was lucky it was all fine. It’s funny you expect the news to change everything – but after a couple of weeks later it becomes a bit mundane and everyone goes back to a normal life. The only life that has changed is yours – and for the better! And so when you told everyone, the weight must have been lifted… The boys said to me they always knew there was something going on. I was one of the lads, but I was in a boyband and we had the best looking girls in the world throwing themselves at us. I mean i did go with girls for a bit - that wasn’t because I was trying to pretend to the fans I was straight,. I did because I wanted to do it. But I still knew that that wasn’t right. Elsewhere in this month’s issue of Attitude, alongside a massive 11-page feature on cover guy Adam Lambert: Our massive election special. We speak to every major party leader and ask the tough questions: Who’s really going to stand up and fight for LGBT rights? Plus we chat to some of the LGBT candidates seeking your vote across the country. The glorious Christine Baranski is the subject of our ‘Big Gay Following’ spread – we talk to her about everything from Mamma Mia to Chicago to her upcoming London stage role in Follies. Former Ugly Betty actor Michael Urie is in London for the hilarious play Buyer & Cellar – he speaks to us about his time on the show and being out in Hollywood. And we sit down for a chat with the one and only DAVID BECKHAM. He talks fitness, style, and – yes – life with Victoria. You can read all that plus more in the new issue of Attitude, which is available to download to your mobile, iPad or tablet device now, at Pocketmags.com/Attitude. The issue is in stores now and you can also have it delivered directly to your door at newsstand.co.uk.