Marvel Studios president promises 'more prominent' LGBTQ superheroes in the MCU

Kevin Feige addressed the brief gay cameo in 'Avengers: Endgame'


Words: Steve Brown

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has promised ‘more prominent’ LGBTQ superheroes will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘soon’.

During the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame, co-producer Joe Russo made a cameo as the first openly gay character in the MCU.

And although the scene was little more than two minutes, it sparked the debate of the first openly gay superhero in the popular superhero franchise.

And now, while speaking to io9, Feige opened up about the gay cameo and promised an LGBTQ superhero will be introduced soon.

He said: “That was never meant to be our first focused character.

“That was just meant to be a matter of fact and a matter of life and a matter of truth.

“And I liked it that our hero, Steve Rogers [aka Captain America], doesn’t blink an eye at that fact. It is just truth and is heartbreaking for his loss and for the life he’s trying to put back together.

“It was never meant to be looked at as our first hero. I guess it’s the first reference so it does, of course, get a lot of attention.

“We haven’t been shy about saying that that’s coming and that there’s much more prominent LGBTQ heroes in the future… [it’s] coming soon.”