'Masc 4 masc?' What gay hook-up slang really means

With the plethora of dating apps now at the modern gay man’s fingertips, so to has expanded the vocabulary of hooking up slang. And it can definitely get a little confusing for the best of us. judge-judy-laptop Thankfully, our friends over at Cocktails and Cocktalk have created a video to help navigate the wonderful dictionary of language thrown around the traps. Appearing in the video is Anthony Gilét, who says the “tongue in cheek guide” decodes “what all that sh*t really means”. Among its translations, he explains how a “dominant top” really means your potential date is a “control freak”, while someone who describes himself as a total top “will bottom when drunk, high, or emotionally vulnerable”. You can check out the full video below: More stories: 5 Tips on How to Make a Relationship Last Justin Bieber gets his bod out on Instagram during rehearsal session