Matt Bomer wastes no time getting naked in AHS: Hotel premiere

After months of build-up, American Horror Story: Hotel finally hit screens Stateside last night (October 7). Say what you like about series creator Ryan Murphy, he sure know his target audience... The show doesn't air on British shores for another two weeks, but it's not too much of a spoiler to say that Magic Mike star Matt Bomer wastes no time in getting his kit off for his role as the delectable Donovan. Highlights below... AHSgif1AHSgif2 ahsgif3 ahsgif4 ahsgif5 ahsgif6 American Horror Story: Hotel premieres in the UK Tuesday October 20 at 10pm on FOX. More stories: The 10 Fiercest Women of American Horror Story Justin Bieber full-frontal photos leak, internet explodes