Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton recall incredible moment they met son Crow for the first time

Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton have spoken about the first time they met their adopted son Crow. Actor Matt and singer Blue, who share the YouTube channel matt + blue, went through a certification process to become foster parents, in the hopes that it would lead to a formal adoption. “There were so many kids, and so many stories that broke our hearts. I was obsessed. Every night in bed I’d pull out my iPad and say, ‘Look at this story.’ So many kids! And then they age out of the system at 18. We wanted to feel like we were doing something good for a child out there," Blue told People magazine. In the summer of 2015, Matt and Blue were told that a 22-month-old Crow would be staying with them. Matt says: “We didn’t have diapers or food or toys. We spent the whole day getting ready. We were giddy!” Crow - now two and a half - was officially adopted five months later. “We locked eyes. And he had a giant smile on his face,” Matt continued. “It was a moment. Instantly we knew — that’s our kid!” “It’s as if he’s always been here. Blue and I both knew that we would love [an adopted child] the same [as a biological one]. The amount of time we spend with that kid and the bond we have, it makes no difference. He’s ours.” Blue added: "In the end, this was the family we had imagined in our dreams.” Watch more from the Matt, Blue and the adorable Crow below: More stories: Gay man says incident with homophobic Uber drive left him 'fearing for his safety' Go behind the scenes of Laith Ashley's Attitude cover shoot