Matt Dallas was advised not to come out by a studio executive

The actor is best known for starring in the American sci-fi series 'Kyle XY'


Matt Dallas has revealed he was told to keep his sexuality a secret.

The actor – who played the titular character in the American sci-fi TV series Kyle XY – came out in 2013 and married his partner Blue Hamilton two years after.

However, in a recent YouTube channel, the actor revealed an executive of the show told him to hide his sexuality and ‘always have a girl on my arm’ on red carpets.

He said: “I was told to stay in the closet. Not talk about my sexuality, to be on every red carpet with a girl on my arm – because you could not be successful if you were openly gay in the entertainment industry, at least in front of the camera.

“I wish I had not taken that advice. Because of the advice that was given to me to stay in the closet, I became very disconnected from who I was.

“There’s a lot of residual stuff that to this day that I still deal with where I find myself [thinking], ‘I sound too gay’ or ‘I’m acting too gay’, because it was so drilled into my brain.”

After marrying his boyfriend, the couple fostered a two-year-old son called Crow and immediately fell in love.

Watch the new YouTube video below: