Matthew Perry admits he made Friends producers axe a male strip club scene

Friends came to an end a decade ago, we're still totally obsessed with it, Turns out Andy Cohen is too, and he couldn't resist asking Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing, a few questions about the show when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Throughout the show's ten series run, it was jokingly suggested that Chandler could be gay, despite the fact he married Monica. Producers wanted to play up the angle a bit more, and planned to film an episode where the bumbling character would go to a male strip club - "because he liked the sandwiches". However, Perry wasn't a fan of the idea, and he revealed that he called up producers and asked them to axe the storyline from an episode. Chandler wasn't exactly a beacon of heterosexuality on the show,  so much so that one episode saw the character's co-workers trying to set him up with another guy. Imagine if he'd ditched Monica and got with her brother instead. THAT would have been a moment.