Max Emerson hits back at haters after attending army prom with his boyfriend

Max Emerson joined his National Guard boyfriend, Andres Camilo, at a prom for the US Army over the weekend. The couple, who announced their relationship in June 2016, showed off their love for each other at the Knights Out gala, that's held annually by LGBT West Point Grads. YouTube star Max looked dapper in a suit, and his boyfriend attended the event in full uniform. Max captioned one of the adorable snaps: "Hello from #gay #army #prom. @andrescamilo!"

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After the event, Max couldn't resist showing off his physique in a cheeky underwear shot, saying:" @andrescamilo___ says "an officer is always the first to dress and last to undress" While their display of affection was almost universally praised by their followers, some trolls managed to slip through and anger Max's boyfriend enough for him to respond in a further post. One troll wrote: "As a man I find that disgusting. As a Veteran, I find it utterly DISGRACEFUL." Andres fired back: "A number of people reached out today because of negative comments about my relationship in ugly corners of the internet. "I ask that we fight those comments with some #positivity and #love. We live in times that will test the progress we have made. Rest assured, from my vantage point, I have seen nothing but professionalism and support from within the military ranks. Thanks for the support, you guys/gals are the best 100,000 people on Instagram!"
It's been a tough few weeks for LGBT rights in the US now President Trump has taken the reigns. First, LGBT+ people were effectively removed from the US census, and then Trump also decided to revoke part of Obama's discrimination protections for LGBT+ workers in a shocking move that angered activists around the world. More stories: Zachary Quinto slams Donald Trump over transgender student protections Indiana announce immediate plans to add LGBT protections to Religious Freedom bill