Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to RPDR UK's Bimini: 'You'll always be our winner'

"London's finest."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC/Wiki

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has told RuPaul's Drag Race UK contestant Bimini she's a winner, baby.

The East London queen finished as a runner up on last night's finale episode of the hit BBC show.

However, in the eyes of Sadiq at least, the star was the true champ after battling Lawrence Chaney, Tayce and Ellie Diamond for the crown.

"Love who you want to love"

Ru-vealing himself as a Drag Race fan yesterday, Sadiq tweeted a video of Bimini and said: "Here in London you can be who you want to be, and love who you want to love."

The politician added: "Condragulations to London's finest @biminibabes for a great @dragraceukbbc - you will always be our winner."

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"What I was told I had to do wasn't working for me"

Sadiq's endorsement follows Bimini recently opening up to Attitude about being nonbinary in an interview.

Speaking on our Tea Time in association with TAIMI video series, she told us: "I think I've always kind of known that when I was growing up I always felt a bit different, or what I was told I had to do wasn't working for me."

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Speaking to host Jodie Harsh, Bimini continued: "I was shit at football, I couldn't do all of that stuff. I realised very early on that was not for me."

She later added: "I think moving to London and living in east London, no one has those barriers up. Gender expression is so creative and free here that it's not really an issue, so I didn't really think about it too deeply."

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