Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett confirms relationship with TV host Jaymes Vaughan

Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett confirmed that he is in a relationship with TV host Jaymes Vaughan. Bennett, who played high school heartthrob Aaron Samuels opposite Lindsay Lohan in the cult 2004 comedy film, declared his love for the Celebrity Page presenter on Instagram on Thursday (November 7), in an effective coming out announcement. Bennett was accidentally outed as gay by Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough back in 2014, and while the 36-year-old star has never made a public declaration about his sexuality, he's been very open about his personal life on social media. Sharing a picture of himself, Vaughan and their dog dress in matching Top Gun-inspired Halloween costumes on Thursday, Bennett wrote: "Because forgot to post on Halloween. i Love you babe. #mygoose" In a second post, the Halloween Wars host wrote: "Thanks @jaymesv for helping me grow and teaching me how to be a grown ass man."

Because forgot to post on Halloween. i Love you babe. #mygoose @jaymesv

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Thanks @jaymesv for helping me grow and teaching me how to be a grown ass man. ❤️

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The pair's announcement makes them one of an incresing number of openly gy couples in Hollywood - something that doesn't appear to have been lost on Vaughan, who shared a message he'd been sent from a closeted fan thanking him for being a "role model." Sharing a picture of the message on Friday (November 3) Vaughan wrote: "THIS! THIS is why it is so important to live our truths loudly and proudly. You never know who is watching and you never know who you are inspiring and giving hope to just by simply being yourself. "I wish we had social media when I was a kid, the LGBTQ visibility would have been amazingly helpful. So thankful we have it now." He added: "And to you who sent me this, I know we already spoke but thank you again for this beautiful message. In your time, when you’re ready, there is an entire community here ready to love, accept, and empower you. I trust and pray your family will do the same.
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