Meet 'Neighbours' new gay male stripper star, Matt Wilson

He's already the talk of Erinsborough, and over the next few weeks he's set to become the talk of Britain too. Meet former Aussiebum model and incoming Neighbours star Matt Wilson - aka Ramsay Streets's ravishing new resident, Aaron Brennan. 26-year-old Matt first his Australian screens back in June as Mark and Tyler's mischievous middle brother, and over the next few weeks UK viwers of the Channel 5 soap are going to be seeing a whole lot more of the gay male stripper character. small 2 Promising romance for Aaron, producers have teased that his younger brother Tyler will attempt to set him up with Nate Kinski (Meyne Wyatt), who was previously in a relationship with recently-departed Chris Pappas, the show’s first gay male regular character. small 3 Wilson recently spoke to DigitalSpy about his memorable entry to the show, which will see Aaron hired to strip off at a racy bingo night organised by Sheila Canning. “There are two sides to that. The first one was, ‘Wow, I’m about to dance when I don’t have any dancing background or training!’ It was my first day on a new job with new colleagues and people that I didn’t know. I had to do this dance that I was 80% sure I could do but not 100%, so that was one side of the coin!” he said. small1 “But the other side of it was that I knew this could not be a better way to enter a show. Some people arrive on Neighbours in a taxi on the street, but Aaron comes in with an absolute bang so I was quite honoured to be playing him.” small 4

(Images: Channel 5)

He added: “Male revue dancers seem to be hot stuff at the moment – you’ve got Magic Mike coming out and now you’ve got Aaron on Neighbours. I’m absolutely honoured to be playing this role.” Trust us Matt, the pleasure is all ours... Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5 in the UK. More stories: In pics: Artist re-imagines Disney princes as real-life hunks Calvin Klein feature same-sex couples in new ‘sexting’ ad campaign