Meghan Trainor hits back after image is used in anti-gay marriage campaign

Meghan Trainor has hit back after her picture was used as part of an anti-gay marriage campaign in Australia. The 'All About That Bass' singer took to social media to express her outrage after her image was published as part of a poster encouraging Australians to vote against marriage equality in the country's upcoming public vote on the issue. The poster, shared on the Facebook page of an unofficial campaign group called 'Vote No Australia' on Saturday, referenced the lyrics of her 2015 hit 'No'. Alongside a picture of the 23-year-old pop star, a slogan read: "My vote is no, you need to let it go". Meghan took to social media on Wednesday to voice her disgust at the poster after fans alerted her to its existence, and reiterated her support for same-sex marriage. "I SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY!" the star wrote. "Someone in Australia is illegally using my picture for a campaign against marriage equality. So wrong. Not okay". She added: "I've said it before, Everyone should be able to love who they want. I support equality, period."   The anti-gay marriage campaigner's plan backfired even further when Trainor then took to Instagram to encourage the Australian contingent of her 8.8 million followers to register to vote in the country's upcoming poll. Alogside a picture reminding Australians to register before the Thursday night deadline (August 24) the singer wrote: "VOTE YES FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY. LOVE IS LOVE."


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Australia’s upcoming vote will see citizens at home and abroad who are aged 18 before August 24 – the registration deadline – answer the question: ‘Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’ The vote is not a plebiscite, and therefore citizens will not be compelled to vote and the result is not binding on politicians. Those wishing to vote are encouraged to return their voting forms by  October 27, while ballots received after November 7 will not be counted. The result is expected to be made public on November 15. Meanwhile, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth came out in support of same-sex marriage this week, encouraging his fellow Aussies to vote 'Yes' in the upcoming poll. More stories: Aussie actor Ryan Cooper goes full-frontal in Scarlett Johansson comedy Rough Night Mel B throws water on Simon Cowell and storms off America’s Got Talent after marriage jibe – WATCH