Mel B says she's open to love with a 'man, woman, or anything else'

"I'm just looking to be happy."


Words: Will Stroude

Mel B has opened up about her sexuality, revealing she's open to love with either a "man, woman, or anything else".

The Spice Girls singer, 43, told Channel 4 News that while she doesn't believe in limiting herself romantcially, she's equally happy in her own company following her divorce from her husband of 10 years, Stephen Belafonte, last December.

Mel, who was in a relationship with US film producer Christine Crokos from 2002 to 2006, was asked about her experience of being in a high profile same-sex relationship long before "anyone was talking about" [LGBT issues] publicly.

The 'Wannabe' singer replied:"But I didn't realise that. Somebody else said that to me earlier today - they were like, 'You spoke about being with a woman', whether that's considered bisexual, lesbian, gay, pan, fluid, whatever you want to call it...

"I was like 'Oh really?' I didn't really think about it like that back in those days. And I still don't.

"I'm single right now and I'm not actively looking for a man, woman anything. I'm justing looking to be happy. And if something happens with a man or a woman or anything else then great.

"If not, I'm happy being by myself."

Mel, who set to embark on a new UK tour as part of the newly-reunited Spice Girls next summer, added that is was important for people to be open about their experiences and identity regardless of whether they identify with a particular label.

"I think there are more [LGBT role models] than ever. Whether it be transgender, whether it be - what was the expression I heard the other day - pansexual... I think now we're talking about it more and I think that is the key thing.

"No matter what it is, you have to be able to talk and connect with people.

Whether it be about your sexuality, whether it be about your career, your job, your work, your ambitions, it's good to talk and connect and regroup."