Mel B thinks Victoria Beckham asked to have her mic turned down during Spice Girls performances

Last month Victoria Beckham revealed how her mic was always switched off for Spice Girls concerts. But in an interview with Entertainment Tonight during a special rooftop Cinema Club screening of Spice World, Mel B says otherwise. "She wishes it was turned off," she said. "We sung live, and we wrote and recorded all our music together live and we performed it live. It wasn't turned down. not that I know of." She adds, "Maybe she secretly asked for that - I don't know about that." According to Digital Spy, Mel B still owns her outfits from her Spice Girls days. victoria-beckham-posh-spice-performance "I have everything! Because we kind of made up our own costumes as we went along," she said. "The more money we got, the more tailor-made our clothes got, but we actually were bargain hunters and I still am to this day." "I think I have probably 80% of all my outfits. Because when we used to get our outfits made, I used to get like two or three different copies and colours because I was obsessed with my style back then!" Last month, Mel B revealed that the Spice Girls had a mini reunion... sort of.  More stories: Beyoncé just got bigger... with her own day Watch Miley Cyrus' gender defying performance on NBC's Maya & Marty