Melanie B on Spice Girls reunion: 'I'm forcing them'

Only last week Geri Halliwell let slip on This Morning that the Spice Girls were 'in talks' to reunite for their upcoming 20th anniversary, and now Scary Spice Melanie B has offered further details about the much-rumoured comeback. Apprearing on US talk show host Meredith Viera's program, Melanie responded enthusiastically when asked the inevitable question about how the group would mark the June 2016 20th anniversary of the release of debut single Wannabe. Melb "Nothing has been announced, nothing's official - yes, we are in talks, because it is our 20th anniversary, and I want something to happen - it better," she said, to which Viera asked if she was a 'ringleader' in moving negotiations forward. "I'm forcing them a little bit - I've been saying it for five years. We are reuniting, aren't we? We are? We Are? We need to!" Describing rumours of a long-running rift with Victoria Beckham as 'utter BS' - and fielding a question about the talk that Beckham had already ruled out any participation in a reunion - Mel had this to say: "She is my friend, I adore her, I love her to pieces. If we do something it has to be all of us - that's the whole point. As soon as there's something to actually announce, I'll be yelling it from the rooftops!" Those rift rumours aren't entirely without basis, though. While Victoria has infamously never followed any of the other Spice Girls on Twitter, Mel this month returned the favour and unfollowed Vicky B right back. Eek. Whatever's going on behind the scenes, take a look at what Melanie B had to say for yourself: More stories: ANTM’s Nyle teaches us all the most important sign language phrases Neil Patrick Harris reveals his celebrity crush