Men, talk to each other - take a mate on a Man-Date this Movember to be in with a chance to win a trip to Pikes Ibiza

In partnership with STRYKK


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The STRYKK MAN-DATE with Movember brings men (and women) together - friends, family, couples and colleagues - to celebrate their relationships over a cocktail and have real, honest conversations.

This Movember, STRYKK are urging people to stretch beyond kneejerk pleasantries, and to delve a little bit deeper. To engage properly, and find out what’s really going on. Time to STRYKK up a conversation. To help men live longer, happier, chattier lives.

STRYKK is running a donate-to-win where you could win The Ultimate Man-Date with an all-expenses-paid trip to Pikes Ibiza, including flights, accommodation, sunsets drinks at La Torre, a personalised music concierge service and a few more goodies on arrival. 

There’s hundreds of runners up Man-Date prizes too, including restaurant meals for two at M Restaurant, Yo! Sushi, Tonkotsu or Caravan Restaurants, a £250 Treatwell grooming voucher, Beer52 beer bundles and STRYKK Non-Alcoholic Spirits bundles. Full list of prizes can be found here.

Donate just £5 to STRYKK Man-Date to help men lead healthier, happier lives and fund vital Movember projects. See where your money goes here

STRYKK has also launched the Man-Date video series, all about encouraging, mobilising and educating men to have better conversations with more other men. We are far too often bad at this. The film’s producer is going on a journey to, first, talk to some experts about HOW to have better conversations. This primes each of the 4 episodes around the ALEC Conversation Model, when he then interviews someone out there in the culture - such as DJ Majestic, James Kirkham of Defected, Eddy Temple Morris, Blinkie and ’tries out’ the conversation technique while asking them about the kind of support they’ve had and given.


STRYKK, established in 2018, makes distilled non-alcoholic spirits with NOT G*N, NOT R*M, NOT V*DKA and NOT VANILLA V*DKA’ in its roster. They’re direct alternatives to their parent spirits, meaning making a NOT G*N & Tonic is as easy as making a G&T. STRYKK aren’t anti-alcohol, but rather about encouraging people to find a better balance in their drinking and lifestyle choices. STRYKK believe that ordering or making a NOT R*M and coke should be as easy as making an Oat Milk latte.

The raffle runs until the end of December. Terms and conditions apply.