Michelle Visage on Pride and fighting to make the world a better place for her gay child

The 'Drag Race' legend says one of the driving forces behind her commitment to the cause is her daughter.


Category is… how to be an LGBTQ ally and Michelle Visage scores 10, 10, 10, 10s across the board.

If there is one thing the 'Drag Race' legend takes more seriously than her idol, Madonna, and a cinched waist on the runway (no hog bodies, y’all!) it is her ongoing fight for LGBTQ rights.

In celebration of Attitude Pride at Home, Michelle, 51, took part in Pride Heroes, supported by Taimi, to talk about why she has always stood side by side with the community.

The mum of two shares that one of the driving forces behind her commitment to the cause is her daughter, Lillie, who identifies as gay.

“Being an ally is probably the most important thing to me. It is what I do every day of my life. It is what I fight for every day of my life. I have a gay child, so I want to make sure the world is a better place for her, but also for everybody else,” she starts.

“I have a very big mouth. If I can be a voice for a community, not the voice, but a voice to help out, then that’s what I’m here to do,” she vows. “The LGBTQIA+ family has been my family for the past 35 years and I have no intents on walking it down.”

RuPaul’s right-hand woman – who recently explained why she wouldn’t be labelled bisexual – also took a stroll down memory lane to recall her first-ever Pride at the age of 17.

“I was down at the New York City Pride at the receiving end,” she says, with a wink. “I got to see first-hand what love, unity and family in in the LGBTQIA+ community really is all about – and I’ll never forget that feeling.”

Michelle currently hosts BBC Three’s lockdown series How’s Your Head, Hun? now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Stonewall co-founder Michael Cashman, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, LGBTQ activist Bisi Alimi, 'Drag Race' superstar Courtney Act and writer and performer Amrou Al-Kadhi will also be appearing in Pride Heroes, supported by Taimi.

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