Miley Cyrus 'devastated' after gay fan killed in homophobic attack in Brazil

"Knowing this happened to someone that loved me and I love in return breaks my heart."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Wiki/Twitter

Miley Cyrus has issued a blistering reaction after she learned a gay fan of hers was reportedly murdered in an anti-gay attack in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 'Midnight Sky' singer, who is pansexual, addressed the crime in a series of tweets over the weekend.

"I am devastated to find out a smiler has brutally lost their life due to hate, judgment, and injustice!" she said on Sunday (26 June 2021), sharing a picture of the victim.

"To call this disturbing action 'homophobia' would mean that the attacker had a 'fear of' queer people. Which is fucking bullshit. This humans heart was full of HATE and ANGER [sic]."

The 28-year-old added: "We can’t continue to allow these events to be written off as simply 'homophobia' ... Because you know who was 'scared' in that situation? Gabriel.

"This is exactly why the importance of my mission to fight against this type of cruelty w love , acceptance , and FREEDOM is at the very top of my priorities and is the purpose of my existence on this planet. I couldn’t imagine if this happened to one of my best friends…

"And knowing this happened to someone that loved me and I love in return breaks my heart! #WeWontLetThemWin @happyhippiefdn."

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"I had to say goodbye to the love of my life"

The star was responding to a series of tweets by Gabriel's friend, listed on Twitter as 'Cassidy' (@sheiscwming).

Sharing info about the victim, Cassidy wrote: "Hey Miley, this is Gabriel. He was a huge fan of yours, brazilian, and recently lost his life to brutality. Homophobia. He loved you very much. Get to know him a little bit more: #JUSTIÇAPORGABRIEL."

Cassidy then shared text written by Gabriel's boyfriend, which reads: "This is Gabriel, he is 22 years old, my boyfriend. My best friend, the love of my life, we've been together for almost three years, and in this journey, during the pandemic, we lost our jobs, the bills accumulated, we asked for donations and held on for as long as we could, but it came the day that we couldn't hold on anymore and moved in with our parents again.

"Recently, two weeks ago, Gabriel was hired, I was so happy for him, his eyes watered telling me about his dreams and one of them was for us to have our home back, for us to be together every day.

"Four days ago I was hired, it was the best news ever and we began our plans to moving in together again. This Tuesday he was murdered with three shots in his head, on a barber shop here in Embu das Artes (SP - Brazil), they killed him because of who he is, who he loves, a pure-hearted person, that was mean to no one, always helped everyone and today I had to say goodbye to the love of my life, with my heart aching and sadness, it hurts me knowing I won't hear his voice anymore, receive a 'good morning' text or wake up next to him feeling loved in his arms. It hurts, even more, knowing that his dreams were interrupted, a person with a willing to live. I will love you forever and you'll always be in my heart, remembering every piece of our history."

According to Globo.co.uk, the victim's full name is Gabriel Garcia, and police are investigating the death as a homicide but have not yet identified a suspect.

Garcia's family believes the crime was motivated by homophobia, reports the outlet. 

Miley is the founder of the Happy Hippy Foundation, a nonprofit focused on youth homelessness and the LGBTQ community.

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