Miley Cyrus slams Indiana Governor over 'Religious Freedom' bill

Miley Cyrus has slammed Indiana Governor Mike Pence over his controversial anti-gay “religious freedom” bill. The bill, which has caused numerous American companies to announce today that they are cutting ties with the the state, allows businesses across Indiana to deny service to gay and lesbian customers based on religious beliefs. Miley Never one to shy away from controversy, the Party In The USA singer took to her Instagram account yesterday (March 26) to encourage her straight followers to stand up for LGBT rights and - in true Miley style - to label the state governor an "asshole".
In a written statement released when signing the bill, Governor Pence explained that he signed the bill because he "supports the freedom of religion for every Hoosier of every faith" - find out more here. More stories: Gay country star Steve Grand: ‘99% of the hate I get is from other gay people’ Canadian artist uses penis to paint Presidential portraits