MNEK unveils sexually charged video for new single 'Tongue'

The UK star is back - and this time with his own single


MNEK has unveiled the music video for his new single Tongue. 

The openly gay UK pop hunk, 23, has returned to the music scene with the first single to be taken from his long-awaited debut album. 

The sexually-charged clip sees MNEK showing off his dancing skills as he makes eyes across the dinner table at another man.

Tongue by MNEK on VEVO.

Opening up about the inspiration behind the video, the star revealed that he's done with shying away from showing off his sexuality in his art. 

"Now I’m not afraid to touch on relationships and on my sexuality in my videos. I feel as though it’s an important thing to put into my visuals, because those are the main source of visual content that I have," the talented singer and songwriter told Noisey.

"There are only so many interviews I’m going to do, there are only so many TV appearances I’m going to have. My visual medium is my videos, and I’ve got to feel as though I can put my truth in that.”

You can watch the music video here.

Tongue is available to download and stream now