Mormon Church reaffirms policy against same-sex relationships

The church did say that those who support marriage equality will not face disciplinary action


The Mormon Church has reaffirmed its policy against same-sex relationships in their updated manual for missionaries, Preach My Gospel.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – also known as the Mormon Church – released its November Policy which labels gay couples “apostates”, the term used to describe those who have turned away from the “principles of the gospel”, the Salt Lake City NPR affiliate KUER reported.

The manual adds that in order for children to be baptised, their primary residence cannot be with parents in a same-sex relationship or with polygamists until they were at least 18 and moved out of their home.

Following the policy’s release, Elder D. Todd Christofferson likened same-sex marriage to polygamy and called it a “serious kind of sin that requires Church discipline”.

Although the church says same-sex relationships are sinful, Christofferson said that Mormons who do support marriage equality will not face disciplinary action on the part of the church.