MOSCOT has teamed up with Ascari Bicycles for a new version of their classic Lemtosh style

The NYC based sunglassses buckle up with new bicycle collaboration


MOSCOT, the 103-year old New York City eyewear brand, announced a collaboration with Ascari Bicycles, MOSCOT x Ascari.

The collaboration offers a reappraised version of the classic Lemtosh style.  

This elevated Lemtosh features custom, high-quality leather, hand woven for your temples, a signature accent of Ascari Bicycles and their bespoke spokes.

The two grand brands are now bound together, riding in tandem to create the perfect pair.

Offered as a limited release, of only 50 pairs, each MOSCOT x Ascari will be numbered one through to 50 so you better get in there sharpish.

Available now at and