Most young people today don't identify as straight, study finds

Ditch The Label, an anti-bullying non-profit organization, has found that more than half of all young people today don't identify as straight. Questioning over 1,000 people between the ages of 13 and 26 in the US and UK, the charity found that 57% of candidates said they didn't completely identify as heterosexual. According to Broadly, around 47% stated they didn't conform to labels, claiming that the terms defining sexuality, such as 'lesbian' and 'gay,' are limiting. Another 76% claimed that labels on sexuality were "no longer important" as "people should be able to date whoever they want." Founder and CEO of Ditch The Label, Liam Hackett, said the media is largely to thank for representing a wider range of sexualities. "I think giving visibility to people who were once suppressed by society has sent a very positive and clear message: that sexuality is not something that is 'dirty' or should be hidden away." Other findings of the study state that 90% of young people think the internet has made it easier to explore sexuality. Along with this, 52% of candidates want to settle down with the opposite sex, however, 93% felt it was good to explore their sexuality. Mores stories: Who wants a sneak peek at ‘I’m a Celeb’ star Joel Dommett’s Attitude shoot? Single & Fabulous? | How a decade of dating taught me to be my own Valentine