Mr Gay UK's Stuart Hatton wins Mr Gay World contest

Mr Gay UK winner Stuart Hatton has been named Mr Gay World. The 28-year-old, a model and dance teacher from South Shields, was chosen last month (August) to represent Europe at the contest in Rome - read more here. 10252169_442145042588372_1304729593161280535_n He beat Cyprus's Kiriakos Spanos into second place, while Ireland's Robert Lowlor claimed third. Reacting to his victory on Twitter, he wrote: "I WON MR GAY WORLD! This is just the beginning . Thanks to everyone who believed and supported my equality campaign #watchthisspace" This year's Mr Gay World competition featured guys from 32 different countries, who took on a series of challenges, including modelling rounds, an art task and a test on their gay rights and equality knowledge. Hatton will now serve as a global ambassador for the gay community. He added: "I am now able to use my voice to help those in countries around the world who have no voice or equality rights such as people in Malaysia and Iran. "We are all human and all gay people around the world deserve the same human rights as each other. This is just the beginning." Earlier this year, Tom Daley was voted the world's sexiest man by Attitude readers in the Attitude HOT 100 - read more here. Photograph of Stuart Hatton courtesy of Darren Irwin www.darrenirwin.com.