'Mr & Mrs Smith' to be made into TV show

Mr & Mrs Smith is set to be made into a television series - though not in the way you might think. The 2005 action comedy movie, which brought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together both onscreen and in real life, is being adapted into a game show that will see married couples pitted against each other in a series of "high-octane, high stakes" challenges, according to Variety. movies-netflix-mr-and-mrs-smith 3 Ball Entertainment and New Regency will produce the new show, saying it will offer a twist on the TV competition format. The original film - which grossed almost $500 million worldwide - Pitt and Jolie play John and John Smith, a seemingly normal married couple in suburbia who are forced to try and kill each other after discovering they both work as assassins for rival organisations. Mr & Mrs Smith was originally slated for a scripted TV spin-off in 2007, when ABC commissioned a pilot starring Martin Henderson and Jordana Brewster, but the plans were later dropped. Okay, so this new game show isn't the comeback we all wanted, but is anyone kind excited to see just what these couples will have to do to each other? tumblr_mpd00zTdK11qem02jo1_500 More stories: Collabro strip off for the new issue of Attitude Tom Daley is auctioning his trunks for LGBT charity