Mr Strange opens up about being one of the UK's only out gay rappers

"If I can help people to be themselves, that's job done."


Mr Strange has opened up about being one of the only out gay rappers in the UK, admitting that while he's received support from fans, Britain's rap scene "still needs to catch up" when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance.

The drill/trap star, who announced himself on the world stage when he dropped freestyle track earlier this month addressing his sexuality, told BBC Radio 1Xtra's Reece Parkinson that he's since heard from fans who say he's inspired them to come out.

"I've had messages from loads people saying 'You've helped me come out', and I think that's just such an amazing thing", Mr Strange said.

 "If I can help people to be themselves, you know what man, that's job done."

He added: "I've literally had people message me and say 'I literally came out after I watched your video'."

The musician, whose recent track's lyrics saw him declare that "they think because I'm gay that I can't bully tracks", revealed that while fans have been receptive to his sexuality, he's yet to receive any support from his contemporaries on the scene.

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"The scene still needs to catch up, definitely", he said.

"There are a few people that have messaged me with praise... but no one that I would say does drill or trap rap."

While the last few years have seen US rap and R&B stars including Franks Ocean, Tyler the Creator and Lil Nas X open up about  their sexuality, Mr Strange believes their influence on attitudes in the UK is limited.

"I commend Lil Nas X for what he's done, I think it's a really brave move and he should get all the praise that he deserves, but the mandem don't listen to Lil Nas X," he explained.

"His success doesn't affect my world, he's not someone I listen to on my playlists."