'Muslim Drag Queens' trends on Twitter as celebs tweet support

Groundbreaking documentary Muslim Drag Queens finally aired on Channel 4 last night and soon became the top trending topic on Twitter, with viewers and a smattering of high-profile celebs tweeting their support for the subjects of the documentary. Narrated by Sir Ian McKellen and with a cast of documentary subjects including Attitude Pride Award winner Asifa Lahore, the program shone a light on one of the most hidden pockets of the UK's wider LGBT community: LGBT Muslims, and in particular, Muslim drag queens. Little Mix's resident drag aficionado, Jade, hopped onto the band's account to tweet her love and support: LittleMix And other well-known faces and organisations tweeted their support for the show and its inspiring subjects: https://twitter.com/stonewalluk/status/635938129728417793 https://twitter.com/DrRanj/status/635935635124133889 https://twitter.com/PeterTatchell/status/635943445165703168 https://twitter.com/AndrewHaydSmith/status/635936590175539202 Among the avalanche of loving messages, though, it was hard to ignore the minority of tweets that ranging from disapproving to downright vile - a reminder of just how brave Lahore and her peers were to appear in the documentary. Lahore tweeted supporters her thanks after the show, saying that the screening was "the start of something brand new": https://twitter.com/AsifaLahore/status/635938849319952385 https://twitter.com/AsifaLahore/status/635934618575851521 https://twitter.com/AsifaLahore/status/635921108152254465