Nahkane says death threats he received only made him stronger

The singer and actor's 2017 song 'Clairvoyant' was given an age restriction by YouTube in April


Nakhane said death threats made him stronger.

The South African singer and actor has made a name for himself with his ‘controversial’ songs and acting roles including the critically acclaimed The Wound which caused a series of protests in his home country.

But in a recent Q&A with the Standard, Nakhane – who identifies as gay - revealed he has received death threats but said they only made him stronger.

When asked to recall a moment that made him stronger, he replied: “The death threats were not the most pleasurable but were survivable.

“I come from a very combative family, we don’t capitulate easily. That’s both our best and worst characteristic.”

Back in April, Nakhane’s 2017 track Clairvoyant was given an age restriction on by YouTube despite not showing any sexually explicit content.

Instead it shows two men in a passionate relationship but the streaming site has put an age restriction dubbing it “inappropriate for some users”.

But now, Nakhane has admitted he is “so tired of complaining” and said queer people “cannot just exist without being constantly monitored”.

He told Attitude: “I just find it exhausting that everything that doesn’t abide to heteronormativity is deemed as deviant.

“What is it in that music video that is so explicit that it warrants an age restriction?

“What is it that we haven’t seen in countless other videos? I’m so tired of complaining! Queer people cannot just exist without being constantly monitored.

“And above that being reminded that they do not belong.”