'Navigating sex and pleasure during a pandemic'

In partnership with Himeros.tv.


With all that's going on right now, who has time for pleasure? When the world feels like it’s closing in on us - and when our lives are rightfully riddled with stress and anxiety - pleasure can feel like a distant luxury reserved for easier times.

But if there’s anything that I’ve learned from Himeros.tv, an erotic video website that I launched to enhance gay and bisexual men’s experience of sex and sexuality, it’s that pleasure has a tremendous ability to heal. Pleasure is powerful. It is energizing. It allows us to be our best selves. And we need it now, more than ever.

With social distancing, our typical means for obtaining pleasure - namely, quick Grindr hookups - have been disrupted. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Because, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, how pleasurable were those experiences in the first place? Most of us simply imitate what we see in gay porn. We go through the motions without questioning the process, introducing creativity or really getting in touch with our desires. 

Without hookups as an outlet, our sex must adapt. The good news is that gay and bisexual men, in particular, aren’t new to this. Navigating sex during a global health crisis is practically in our DNA. We’ve been here before. And we’re probably well suited to model safe and fun sexual practices for everyone else.

On Himeros.tv, we’ve been empowering our audiences to get creative. Just the other day, we filmed two men separated by a panel of glass; one man was inside the house while the other put on a show by the swimming pool.

With no risk of transmission, they kissed through the glass. They used their eyes to flirt. They even used a suction cup dildo to mimic fucking. It was hot. Really hot. And yet there was no physical contact. Sometimes, the only thing hotter than getting what you want is not getting it at all.

But that’s just one example. There are countless others.

For example, having a video call with a fuckbuddy and giving him a task list. Give him a list of things to do - like sniff his underwear, write something across his ass and get sweaty doing push-ups. If he completes the tasks, he gets the gift of your cock for a sexy jerk-off session. 

Or engage in role playing. We filmed a role playing video that emulated a zoom call between coworkers. The tension builds and builds as the guys slowly approach the limits of professional boundaries. 

The point is, there are an infinite number of ways for us to experience pleasure and connection in a world of social distancing. And rather than looking at these disruptions to our usual sexual routine as burdensome, there may be an opportunity for us to discover something new, sexy and fun.

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