NEO 10Y wants to you find freedom and self-love on new singles 'Feedback Loop' and 'Stan Yourself'

The British alt-pop musician is back with two spiritual new offerings.


For three years, NEO 10Y has been inspiring and challenging listeners with their inimitable brand of dark, cerebral alt-pop, and now the British creative artist is back with two new singles that tap into the very core of what it means to be human.

NEO 10Y - the musical alias of London-based multi-instrumentalist Nik Thakkar - made an unignorable debut in 2016 with their video for 'The Kid Who Killed Trump', which saw the then-soon-to-be US President topping a Mickey Mouse mascot before his own visage was set on fire and urinated on, but the artist's latest material trades earthly politics for a more spiritual exploration.

Over tradmark moody synths, new singles 'Feedback Loop' and 'Stan Yourself' address the connection between our inner selves and the universe - something non-binary NEO 10Y says is all-too-often stifled in queer identities.

Photos: NEO 10Y by Yanny Tokyo

"Queer people and oppressed minorities have been told that we’re God-less by society for too long, but in fact it’s the opposite", they tell Attitude.

"We are the most compassionate and sentient beings on the planet because of the oppression that we face, and we're closer to being the messiahs than they want us to believe.

"Albeit through a medium of post-pop, my music, visuals and lyricism are about exactly that; 'Stan Yourself' and 'Feedback Loop' are conversations with, and about being connected to, the universe: decoding the system, breaking the simulation, understanding freedom and the roots of self-love and expression."

Describing 'Feedback Loop' - released today (11 November - as the "more personal" of the two new tracks, NEO 10Y reveals that the song addresses our need to "breaking away from bad habits in order to be more at one with group consciousness."

They add: "I hope the songs help people to think outside of the box and find their own power."

Meanwhile, of the recently-released 'Stan Yourself' - which NEO 10Y says is "a conceptual reference self-love in an post-Internet era", they explain: "We spend so much time idolising other people, if only we focussed that energy on ourselves, we'd be in a better state collectively.

"I wrote it because I am always thinking about how we can optimise ourselves as a species and I think it’s part of my process and purpose as an artist to be questioning reality and reconstructing that which doesn’t serve us anymore.

"I appreciate the idea of loving yourself to death, and embracing the entire path that the universe has to offer us.

"Once we stop fearing death, I think the journey is more enjoyable."

NEO 10Y's 'Feedback Loop' and 'Stan Yourself' are out now.