New Amazon show 'Jack Ryan' slammed for using transphobic slur

People criticised the show on Twitter for using the slur.


An Amazon show that premiered on Friday (August 31) has been slammed for using a transphobic slur. 

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, which stars John Krasinski, sparked outrage due to a scene in which a Navy Officer jokingly asks her colleague how he got a black eye, saying: "Did you accidentally pick up another tranny on Fremont Street?"

LGBT activist Eliel Cruz noticed the slur and condemned it on Twitter by writing: "This just came out and I'm on the third episode and they use a trans slur. In 2018. As two trans women were murdered in the last 24 hours. Yeah f*ck y'alls premere event."

Sharing a video of the scene, Cruz added: "This shit is repulsive @jackryanamazon. Trans women die from pick up violence. This isn't funny. This is real life." 

As dozens of Twitter users liked and retweeted the tweets, Cruz said: "Trans women die because of shit like this. It's not a throwaway joke @jackryanamazon". 

Trans activist Emily Gorcenski agreed with Cruz's tweets and denounced the show in a tweet reading: "I'm a trans woman who has survived an actual terrorist attack in real life, ran toward the attacker, and then spent the next 12 months shifting entire military policy.

"You wanna explain the use of this slur to my face, you cowards?" 

Amazon has yet to respond to the outrage.