New Geri Halliwell album this year - and "it's wonderful"

New Geri Halliwell music is coming very soon - and it's "wonderful," according to the producer and songwriter working on the material with the Artist Forever Known As Ginger Spice. Sheffield songwriter Eliot Kennedy has credits on Spice classics Say You'll Be There and Love Thing as well as hits by S Club 7, Bryan Adams and Billie Piper. However, Kennedy had not worked on any of Geri's three solo albums to date - but a couple of tweets sent over the weekend suggest he's played a big part in her long-awaited fourth long player: https://twitter.com/NYCSteelerfan/status/615132913424859136 https://twitter.com/NYCSteelerfan/status/615135788012072960 While the mention of a children's chorus might have some fans worried at the prospect of a Headlines-style ballad, here are some other snippets of info Kennedy teased to Geri fans: The new single's NOT a ballad ("far from it," in fact), the album will be out "this year", and it'll be a worldwide release. geri-halliwell-600x450 It'll be exactly 10 years this week since Halliwell released her last studio album, 2005's underrated (sorry bout it) Passion. More recently, Geri - who scored four solo number ones in a row from 1999-2001 - attempted to resurrect her pop career in Australia, but the resulting single Half Of Me landed at an infamous 281 on the Aussie charts in 2013. Here at Attitude HQ, we've got several important questions to ask about this wonderful news: 1. Is Disco Geri coming back? We're here for another Bag It Up or Ride It. 2. Will Half of Me be on the album? (asking for a friend) 3. Will there be Spanish raps? SAY there'll be Spanish raps. 4. Most importantly, will Geri be releasing music under her new married name - Geri Horner? She's already made it Twitter-official, after all. imagegen.ashx